Starting in 2010, Bare Telecom quickly began working with some of the largest Telco's in the united states. Securing high capacity services and redundant networks, Bare Telecom quickly started playing a pivotal role in business and call centers around North America.
Our Philosphy
The Internet is finally revolutionizing the telecom industry, and BareTelecom is leading the way. We provide our customers the same reliable service that the behemoth carriers can, but at a fraction of the price. We do it by eliminating the overhead costs that are inherent in large server infrastructures and passing those savings directly to you.
We offer the best in class services for our premium customers
Bare Telecom delivers crystal clear VOIP communication at the lowest bandwidths. Termination, Origination and hassle free billing! Make Bare Telecom your primary carrier today. Softphones, or Hard Lines, we also have PBX and Dialer services. Sign up today!
Building Customer Relationships
Keeping track of your sales and customers is critical to creating more sales and also knowing where you stand. We have some custom solutions for this as well. As your business grows, so does ours! Meeting your goals and expectations is our number one priority!


Reliable Hardware
Bare Telecom premium VoIP network is built on robust network of reliable hardware and infrastructure. Failure is not an option! We employ several layers of redundancy to ensure the a limited amount of downtime.
Excellent Call Quality
Call quality so great, you might not be able to tell if you are on the phone or not.
$10 Test Credit
Give it a try yourself, sign up today and get $10 test credit to make calls. (Ports and CPS are limited on this account).
24/ 7 Customer Care
Our network support team is here to help.  Simply submit support ticket, and help will be available as soon as possible.
99% Up Time Guarantee
Our premium network has many electrical and internet fail overs, including several routes to various upstream providers.
Monthly Network Update
As a member of the Bare Telecom network, sign up to receive monthly network updates.


No order is to tall, easily request the the phone numbers you are looking for, whether local or Toll Free. Request today and have your order fulfilled immediately.
Dedicated Server
Bare Telecom maintains great relationships with it’s vendors able to offer you premium services and prices should you need dedicated server hosting.
Hard Line Phone (PBX)
It is critical that your phone system functions the way you need it to day in and day out. We offer a wide range of solutions for software or hard line phones. Whether it is an entire phone marketing system, or a PBX we can do it all. Ask today!
Competitive prices, crystal clear call quality. Serving multiple routes to tier 1 providers ensuring your calls reach their destination. Test credit available, sign up today!
Predictive Dialer
Maximize your time utilization taking advantage of the support we offer for various Predictive Dialer solutions. IVR, Call Back, Warm Transfer, Voicemail are just some of the many features available.
Support Service
Our talented team of experts have industry leading experience. Having been on the front line and trenches of sales floors. Our I.T. department is the some of the best and most talented technical personal to handle mission critical phone systems.


Origination with flexibility.  Round-robbin routing, tier one providers, caller-ID, e911 and much more! Sign up today and give our portal a test run!
Reliable hardware, and multiple redundant networks to achieve a unprecedented level of reliability to your sales floor.
Crystal clear call quality, and very competitive deck rates. Sign up today and receive your test credit to find out for yourself!
Recognized Quality
Our entire customer base is by word of mouth. Crystal clear call quality, high reliability with excellent sales and customer support. Be part of our ever growing network and watch your ROI!
Courteous staff who understands your needs and expectations. Call today and lets schedule a conference call to find out what we can do for your!
Technical Experts
Our entire team is some of the leading industry experts that can help increase your call performance. We understand the high pressure sales environment! Call connectivity is critical!


Don't believe us? Check out what some of happy customers have had to say about our excellent call quality and services. We are happy to help solve your immediate telphony goals!


Don't hesitate to contact us today! We are here to help! Don't like snail mail, give us a ring or drop a chat message.
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